You'll found the projects here that I bring to 3BFab 3D Printing & Innovation. I hope you will like it.

was founded in 2013 with the goal of keeping the country up-to-date and trained with the ever-evolving industry of 3D printing.

Like many startups 3BFab was also receiving support during the first years for web project. The lack of desired content design and flexibility of the CMSs demanded a web department for these projects. First months of 2015 I began work as a freelance developer with 3BFab, turned full time together by taking the decision to inhouse these web projects.

Before my projects, the site was boring, standart e-commerce system. I wanted to break this look because 3d printing is futuristic technology, and we should have make people explore 'what I can do with this'. At first I decided to seperate blogs to another sub domain for more organized look.

52%of buyers will remove a vendor from consideration if there is a lack of post -sale content online *src: Forrester search

What I focused at :Wordpress & customization, Wordpress Rest API

Content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites and blogs to demonstrate their own expertise.('Content is King!' myth ) We put very important post-sales and pre-sales content collection under my for more organized look. We created contents about 'know-hows', reports, best practices, user experiences and events. Within a short time we received serious amounts of feedbacks from organic search traffic results and in '3D printer blogs' search phrase we moved to No1 in the Google index.

I think blog.3bfab was one of very important project to providing our users & customers that explore the 3d printing industry from our own feed. For creating our own '3d printing community' blog.3bfab was one of the big step.

94%of B2B buyers undertake online research *src: Acquity Group

What I focused at :Discourse, Cloud hosting basics, OAuth

Today, like every technologic device, 3D printers can fail for some technical reasons. This was the main reason we created forum.3bfab. Our customers and anonymous users can find in one place solution for their basic printer problems on the forum.3bfab. This steer directly to the right content created by the team of 3d printing experts of 3BFab and users had to constantly support the online documentation. From the day it was opened takes 15% traffic of total without any advertisement support. is open and accessible for everyone on web, so in organic search results is to raise awareness of the 3BFab brand significantly.

B2B model is big slice of 3d printing market right now in Turkey. I would like to take your attention to Acquity Group's research that you see at the top. We also receive this result from Salesforce reports. 80%+ of leads doing research on the web before contact us. So if you look to the big picture, these projects are being main source for leads & customers.

75%of customers prefer to use online self-service *src: Amdocs survey & /portal

What I focused at :Node.js, Express.js, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, Deep REST API & Web Services on Node.js

At first we used a structure fully focused on the new branding to lead generation website. The reason not to combine our e-commerce system, Salesforce dynamics was not defined for 3BFab sales & support processes. All of these lead & support flows in the first version is integrated with Salesforce and had serious amount of lead from web.

The portal project will start in the last week of April, it will carry a lot of inner workings of the process on user portal. All of Salesforce account and contacts will have a user for portal. Some abilities of portal e-commerce, online support services (case requests), special pricing & discounts, individual machine-based documentation, best practice documents are just a few of them.

As underlined in the Amdocs survey online to receive support in decision-making is a point which is very important. Portal will be a huge marketing value because it all of these services makes a big difference to 3BFab competitors..

I was the only programmer while we create these projects in 3BFab. I improved my development skills so good and meet a lot of new web tech and 'npm world' was the killer one.

If I have to admit, I learned a lot about marketing while working for 3BFab. These projects has added a point of view I should have.

3BFab is still leading 3d printing market in Turkey. And I believe that 3BFab wont give this flag anyone for long time. This was my 3BFab history and my success was that.

Thank you for taking the time to read.